Two Koreas Are Friends Again? What to Expect From This Alliance in the Future?


The North and South Korea leaders have both agreed to have a summit in September, a great effort aimed to boost cooperation between these two old rivals. Doubts, however, still exist on ending the North Korea's weapons program. So, what would happen if North Korea and South Korea reunited? Before answering this question you can read about their conflict in the korean war essay.

Unification will only be achieved if North Korea surrenders or in the event of war, being the terms that two Koreas are friends again. What would then follow?

  1. First, the Five Provinces of North will immediately get their administration which has for long been sitting ready in the South for 70 years
  2. Following the above, a special status will be a characteristic of the territories, and its inhabitants cannot just move to the south
  3. Execution and lustration of accomplices of the regime will happen.
  4. China, as well as other investors, will be expelled from access to natural resources through their nationalization. After which they will be distributed to the large corporations of the south
  5. The next 20-25 years will be necessarily needed in integrating the new Korean citizens into the society. The North at this time will develop production as the labor that will be cheaper than that of Chinese
  6. The southerners will grow poorer as the economy sharply asks, although the median income of Korea amounts to 2300 dollars in a single month. The conquest of the north is only what will reduce it to 1,900 dollars

At this time in South Korea, the economic problems will end with the revenue falling to 1,500 dollars by the year 2023. In this case, the war is very significant to Korea authorities in justifying the fall in the living standards.

After this, the revenues will then fall to 1150 dollars by the year 2023, 2018 dollars naturally. Without missing the math and calculation, the war possesses a positive impact on food for soldiers, ammunition production, the defense order, state of the economy, as well as that of uniforms; this will roughly be Poland's level.

It will be a confederation under the South’s control if at all DPRK surrenders. A revenue decline will also be witnessed to 1,400 dollars in 2023, resulting from the collapsing of the microchip industry, and this is Portugal’s level.

The North will then become analogous to China for companies in South Korea. The Kims who have already created their Chaebol will perfectly fit into the chaebol system of South Korea.

Freedom and Religion

For 15 years, the northerner's lives are predicted to improve, getting to 300 dollars in a single month. When it comes to religion and freedom, nothing fantastic should be expected. People will go to the temples from where they will be issued clothing and food.

On the second hand, their visit to the temple will be aimed at pointing out Kim. The existing problem would be that Kim will be in need of a religion he can completely control, as well as acknowledged in the West, and as well legitimizing his authority in the believers’ eyes. Not Catholicism, not Protestants does not.

The Protestants will them develop loyalty to their communication and denomination, and more so the people who overthrew Pak Jong-hee of Korea. They, therefore, become more of enemies for Kim. Why then, should he rebel?

Those no longer to Kim, the Pope is obeyed by the Catholics. The most likely in the Russian interpretation is Orthodoxy if that is Christianity. That God has given us a King, that we must tolerate difficulties and appreciate weaknesses since they are good for a person becomes better with the help of God. Further, the appointment of the head of the church lies on the head of the state, and with special services, they cooperate.

But perhaps Buddhism if at all the Buddhists give him access to getting his ‘Lama’ and recognizing his rebirth.

Political Liberties

In the first case concerning political liberties just like South Korean parties, only parties but first independent branches. In the second case, the Social Democratic Party of Josean and Labour Party of Josean is the two-party system. The Social Democratic Party will ideologically start to shift towards Korea's current ruling party. The Labour Party will still be affiliated with small socialist parties of South Korea. The South Korean Right will then in the North organize their party and will be unpopular for the first 20 years.

In conclusion;

  • Local parliament will part ways, as South Korea’s current ruling party dominates the confederation’s current parliament, with LPC in alliance with Social Democratic Party
  • United Korea becomes rich and robust only by the century's middle
  • A population of 80 million in Unified Korea will be evident, with 120 million in Japan
  • Japan’s GDP remains third globally, with Germany fourth and Korea fifth.