Top Tips to Write an Essay on the Indian Education System


Writing an essay on any kind of topic is already difficult enough as it is – but it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so when the topic is as sensitive as the Indian education system. Like any kind of education system, it has its good and bad aspects – all of which can easily be tackled in an essay. To make sure, however, that your essay is deserving of a top grade, here are some tips that you might want to follow.

  1. Narrow Down the Topic List

The Indian education system is a very vast topic – which is why you should narrow down and dig deep to find a good topic of interest. Don’t go for a topic that is very broad just because it sounds “easier” – because while it might mean that you can generalize the subject, it will also make your essay feel incomplete. Narrow it down so that you can reach your word count without actually skipping on important information.

  1. Go for Authoritative Research

While there is nothing wrong with looking up a topic on the internet, make sure that you don’t get all your information from blog spots and all types of similar information. Ideally, you should first go to the library, to see what books and publications they have on the subject. However, if the internet is your only source, look for reliable and authoritative sources from specialists that were well-educated. Random sources are not a very credible way to prove your point.

Don’t be afraid to go for foreign journalists and published writers as well. Writers in India may tend to be biased – regardless of how unbiased they are trying to be. You should know that you can visit writing service if you can’t find the book written in your language. Because a foreign writer, on the other hand, will see things from a different perspective – which will help you in your essay. 

  1. Start Early

With the vast research that you will have to do on the topic of the Indian education system, you don’t want to leave it for the day before the exam. You’ll end up rushing it, and you will not have any time to actually make it a good essay – which is why you need to give yourself some time.

Good ideas don’t come right away. You need to look at the topic from different angles – to let it stew for a bit so that you may actually form a good thesis. You need time to brainstorm your ideas, and this can be rather confusing when everything comes cramming down in your brain on the last day.

  1. Structure It Properly

For your essay to make sense, you will also need to structure it properly. Make sure that you have the thesis and the conclusion – and most of all, that the thesis mirrors the conclusion. You don’t want to start your essay by claiming you will prove something, only to arrive at the end of the essay with different claims. Also, make sure that you have at least three strong arguments to help you strengthen your point.

  1. Proofread

An A+ essay is not successful without a lot of proofreading. Before submitting it, make sure that you have at least read it once or twice. It’s very easy for a simple word such as “how” to be typed accidentally into something more offensive – and while some professors might find it funny, it won’t do your grade any good. Your paper needs to be free of typos before it is submitted.

If possible, you might want to have someone else proofread your paper as well. It might seem like the text is perfect in your eyes – but a fresh set might see an error that you were not aware of. It might cost you a bit more, but it helps to get a proofreading service to take a look at your paper; this way, you will at least know that you were corrected by a team of professionals.

Final Thoughts

Writing an essay on the Indian educational system might sound challenging at first. However, with the right idea and proper research, it should be very easy for you to get a good grade.