The Moon Over Cambodia’s Temples. How to Fall in Love With the Country in Six Hours


Ever heard of Cambodia's temples? The ones whose beauty is like that of a blue sky in a summer morning, artistically designed like the shape of the stars, strategically positioned like an island whose land fertility is a blessing to its inhabitants and a well thought out as a plan of the buildings like that of the visit the moon. Well, here is a link that depicts the beauty of Cambodia and the areas to look out for when you want to travel to Cambodia. For a country whose landscape prides in plains, it wasn't an off-putting task to get a place to set up their temples.

Cambodia's fascination of the temples is seen when the full moon manifests itself with grandiosity and baby face type of cuteness. Sometimes, you might watch it for a long time until you imagine it smiling at you like an innocent child who has made a mistake and they want to be pardoned. Here's how to fall in love with the country in 6 hours.

Breathe in the air of Cambodia

Imagine that finally, you are in Cambodia and you are letting in the air that is present in Cambodia. Do you like it? Do you feel uneasy? If the former is true, then you better fall in love with Cambodia. That is the first step of falling in love with a new place. Some of Cambodia's natural resources will make you fall in love in 6 or fewer hours of visit.

Meet their people

Someone once said that life is not meaningful except on the impact it has on other people. That I can attest to it with regards to how much the Cambodian people interact with their visitors. In as much as they could be having a bag full of problems that need to be addressed when it comes to visitors, the whole idea of being a problem bearer is swept under the carpet.

They treat their visitors with the most caring and immeasurable kindheartedness that cannot be paid back with any amount of money. All these beyond expectation treatment to visitors are credited to the culture and norms in their country, which advocates for less hostility, fury, and disagreement. Etiquette to them is like a treasure that if lost, the whole country will stop doing whatever they are doing to find the missing etiquette.

Visit their almost 5-star rated hotels

Here is a list of top 10 hotels in Cambodia. Trust me, trying to get one that'll meet up to their expectations will be quite an uphill task. That though doesn't mean that the hotels over there are below the bar, they are so good that you can be spoilt for choice, so you end up looking at the ratings, and you can now enjoy the rest of your holiday. The hotel's guest service and the amenities are just the best.

Their beautiful state of the art temples

This being a country whose religion is mainly Buddhism, temples are the order of the day. Their temples have been uniquely put up and are a high source of income regarding tourist attraction in Cambodia. Visitors travel from across the continent just to come and have a glimpse of what those temples look like, especially the ancient ones.  In 6 hours, you will have visited not all temples but at least the most attractive ones thanks to your guide who knows what temple will fascinate your eyes best. 

A story done by on Cambodia, will give a more in-depth analysis of what Cambodia looks like. Reading it will make you fall in love with Cambodia in 6 hours or less. Take that pen and put down a to-travel-list, forget not our lovely Cambodia.