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Valerie Danvers

Valerie Danvers (10)

Asia lover and enthusiast unfortunately not from Asia

Top Tips to Write an Essay on the Indian Education System

Writing an essay on any kind of topic is already difficult enough as it is – but it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so when the topic is as sensitive as the Indian education system. Like any kind of education system, it has its…

Trade networks in Southeast Asia

There is a common perception that a region hardly develops unless foreigners step in. For Southeast Asia, this assertion holds some truth looking at this region from a historical point of view. Currently this region has some of the fastest growing economies such as Singapore…

Going About a Human Rights Essay Paper

When it comes to a human rights essay paper, you are looking at entirely a different kettle of fish. Noteworthy is the fact that human rights remain a very key subject of focus in various discussions today, and in some cases, it surpasses discussions in…